Association friends of the Pitti Palace

The monumental complex of the Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens hosts a series of
prestigious galleries and museums: the Treasury of the Grand Dukes (formerly the Silver Musem) the Palatine Gallery, the Royal and Imperial Apartments, The Gallery of Modern Art, the Museum of Fashion and Costumes (formerly the Costume Museum), the Carriage Museum, the Boboli Gardens and the Porcelain Museum.
But apart from this impressive list of places and collections, the added vale of Pitti is that it is not only a “container” but it was a royal palace, a royal residence to be discovered in its various aspects (affrescoes, sculptures, moldings, furnishings, fabrics and tapestries) that form a historic-artistic complement from which one cannot prescind in order to to completely understand the story of this site that forms the pride and delight of three reigning dynasties : the Medicis, the Lorenas and the Savoias.
Come to meet it or to get to know it better through the lectures, the guided tours, the exhibitions that the “Friends of the Pitti Palace” organise for you.

The President, Carlo Sisi

Events & programmed visits

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