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The Association of “Friends of the Pitti Palace” was founded in 1996, a non-profit organisation, with the aim of stimulating a better knowledge and appreciation of the Palace and the Boboli Gardens and of their numerous treasures. The activities organised for members include visits to the collections and temporary exhibitions, lectures and concerts, besides day-trips to places or exhibitions related to the culture and history of the families who resided here.
Every year the Association restores one or more objects belonging to the collections.
Groups of volunteers run the office and the Library and another group has recently begun assisting the gardeners on the maintenance of the citrus, rose and other collections of the Boboli Gardens.

Office : Palazzo Pitti, Andito degli Angiolini (mezzanine off the main staircase between the Palatine Gallery on the first floor the Gallery of Modern Art on the second floors) open on Tuesdays, 9,30 – 13.

Presidente Carlo Sisi  
Consiglio direttivo Laura Baldini Giusti Vicepresidente
  Giancarlo Lo Schiavo Tesoriere
  Gabriella Rivetti Rousseau Segretaria
Consiglieri John Treacy Beyer  
  Darcy Beyer  
  Artemisia Calcagni  
  Ilaria Guidi Velo  
  Detlef Heikamp  
  Serena Martini  
  Alessandro Cecchi  
  Silvia Meloni Trkulja  
  Serena Padovani  
Soci fondatori Cristina Acidini Luchinat, Kirsten Aschengreen Piacenti, Laura Baldini Giusti, Evelina Borea, Carlo Carnevali, Marco e Francoise Chiarini, Giovanni Conti, Alessandro Coppellotti, Detlef Heikamp, Mario Augusto Lolli Ghetti, Giancarlo Lo Schiavo, Annamaria Manetti Piccinini, Alessandra Marchi Pandolfini, Silvia Meloni Trkulja, Marilena Mosco, Serena Padovani, Mauro Pagliai, Sandra Pinto, Carlo Sisi, Maria Grazia Trenti Antonelli, Tatia Volterra.
Revisori dei conti Carlo Carnevali, Ugo di Groppello, Paolo Rosseau.